Experienced Quincy Attorney Handles Cases for Slips & Falls

For the last three decades, slip and fall attorney Robert M Nathan has practiced in the complex field of personal injury law. He has earned a reputation as a skilled and aggressive attorney, fighting for the rights of victims of slips and falls.

Attorney support is necessary in this complicated area because quality of documentation and clarity of argument must be combined to achieve a favorable result. Mr. Nathan provides you with the personalized one-on-one attorney representation that is critical in winning these types of cases. Schedule your free consultation with Attorney Robert M Nathan today and see the difference he can make in your case.

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

When choosing a slip and fall attorney, there are several important considerations you need to contemplate, including experience, resources, reputation and a history of success. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Robert M Nathan brings broad experience with all aspects of this area of the law to every case. This body of knowledge is crucial in his preparation for your unique case, helping build the strongest case possible.

Robert M Nathan – Working for You

Under Massachusetts law, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is typically only three years. Whether in his office or in a hospital or home visit, slip and fall attorney Nathan provides advice and legal support from the start of your case to the best conclusion possible.

Making the Proper Preparations

If you have experienced a slip and fall and have an injury as a result, preparation is important. Make sure to get the name of the owners and managers of the property, as well as any witnesses. Save all your clothing and the shoes you were wearing at the time and try to take a picture of the incident site. Document any medical attention you receive, including pictures of your injuries.

Unfortunately, many victims endanger their case before it begins. Insurance companies are careful to have legal representation of their own and you shouldn’t have to face that alone. Before speaking with any property owner or insurance representative, get a qualified slip and fall lawyer on your side.

Contact Attorney Robert M Nathan when you need an experienced slip and fall attorney.