Quincy Dog Bite Attorney Handling Cases for Dog Bites Victims

Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with experienced attorney Robert M Nathan if you have been the victim of dog bites or attacks. Attorney Nathan will provide top-notch legal advice and aggressive representation through every step of the legal process. An unrepresented insurance claim can often take longer and pay out less than a claim with legal representation. Thanks to the personalized representation you receive from Mr. Nathan, you will remain in constant communication with your attorney while he speeds up the legal process to ensure you receive your due compensation in a timely manner.

One-on-One Service from an Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

Robert M Nathan, Attorney at Law, is an experienced dog bite attorney in the Quincy area, providing personalized service from initial consultation to final decision. Getting appropriate compensation for an injury is essential and this compensation should include all bills, pain and suffering, scarring, claims for lost income and future medical expenses.

Preparation is key to the successful resolution of a dog bite case and Mr. Nathan begins planning from the initial consultation. His goal is to relieve your financial hardship, not add to it, so Attorney Nathan works on your case on a contingency basis. This means that there is no upfront cost to you because he charges no legal fees until you receive a settlement.

Reporting Your Dog Bite is the First Step

One of the main reasons dog bites are not reported and compensated is because the victim and the dog’s owner are often friends. Nobody wants to sue their friends, but getting compensation for medical expenses is important.

Fortunately, a dog bite case does not usually require a courtroom trial, but rather a process of getting the owner’s insurance to pay for the expenses the dog bite caused. Retaining an attorney for this negotiation is not the same as taking your friend to court, but rather helping your friend use the insurance they pay for to cover the injury their dog caused.